It has been my honor to serve the people of the 112th District since first being elected in 2010. I continue to be humbled and appreciative for the opportunity to continue serving you as your Representative in the NC House. My priority as I begin a third term as your representative continues to be simple: create an environment for job creation and business growth.

When I took office in 2010, unemployment in the Rutherford County was at over 18%. The last unemployment numbers reported by North Carolina Division of Employment Security in June reported unemployment rates of 7% in Burke County (-2.2 from 2013) and 8.7% in Rutherford County (-2.4% from 2013). The proof of the effectiveness of the policy changes by the Republican-led General Assembly is apparent by the positive job growth in the district and throughout the state.

District 112 has also become home to new companies in the last two years including: Richelieu Legwear International Inc., Sunrise USA, Trelleborg Coated Systems, and Team Air, Inc. With such companies and the expansion of existing companies, the district has seen over 550 jobs created since January of 2013.

During my second term, the North Carolina General Assembly  passed legislation to advance North Carolina. Some bills to mention include:

  • Tax Reform: lowered personal and corporate income tax, making NC more attractive for job-creation;
  • Voter ID: with 72% of North Carolinians support;
  • Regulatory Reform: will get rid of red tape that chokes off economic growth and raises prices;
  • Amend Various Firearms Laws: protecting the Second Amendment rights of North Carolinians.

With the legislation passed over the 2013-14 term North Carolina jumped to being ranked #5 for business by CNBC, has created over 64,500 new jobs just in 2013, and just two years ago North Carolina had the 5th worst unemployment in the United States — but now it is under the national average.

I’m very honored for the opportunity to serve the people of Burke and Rutherford Counties. If I can be of any assistance for any reason, please never hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for support and please know that my door is always open to your questions, concerns, ideas, and feedback.

Kind regards,


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